Used cars for sale in Halesowen

Looking for used cars for sale in Halesowen

Are you searching for used cars for sale in Halesowen? There are many used car dealerships in the Halesowen area.

Things to look out for when searching for used cars for sale in Halesowen

We would suggest doing your research and finding one that you can trust and feel comfortable with. There are various factors to look out for such as :

Good reputation, look for used cars for sale in Halesowen and a dealership that has a good reputation and has been there for many years.

Budget, before you set out looking for used cars for sale in Halesowen, set yourself a budget and try and stick to it, only choose a used car that you can afford.

Finance, Most people will finance their used car rather than pay for it outright. It is an easier option and better for some to spread the cost over a few years than have to pay a lump sum all in one go.

Insurance costs, always shop around for insurance quotes, the price can vary from each company.

Vehicle History, when you find used cars for sale in Halesowen, and you choose the one that you think you may want to purchase, check its vehicle history, it may look in good condition on the outside but underneath could be a whole different story! You can ask an independent mechanic to check the car over for you. And always check the car’s service papers.

Warranty, always ensure when you buy a used car that you get a good warranty with the car you buy.

We hope this has helped you so when you are looking for used cars for sale in Halesowen, you will find the right car for you.

Used cars




S5 Trackers

S5 trackers have become much more popular over recent years, due to the significant increase in car theft year on year.

Relay Method to Steal Vehicles

Thieves can steal cars by using the relay method on keyless entry vehicles. The relay attack involves the cloning of the car key and then replicating the signal to open the vehicle.

By investing in an S5 vehicle tracker you will be able to get unauthorised movement alerts and see the pinpoint location of where the car is at all times.

What are Thatcham S5 Trackers?

Thatcham S5 Trackers are the new classification for vehicle trackers that were previously known as category 5.

What does Thatcham Approved Mean?

Thatcham is the leading authority in aftermarket vehicle security products. They test and subsequently approve and grade products on the market to give consumers and brands the security that their devices are fit-for-purpose and give a reliable, safe solution.

Why Should You Invest in an S5 Tracker?

It is becoming much more common for insurers to require your vehicle to have an S5 tracker installed. This is especially true for higher-value vehicles that are more desirable to be stolen. As well as helping you validate your insurance policy, in some cases, it can even offer you a discount on the annual premium. This is due to you being seen as a more responsible vehicle owner, and of course, lowers the risk of yours being stolen when you have an S5 tracker installed.


Buy a car online with bad credit

Do you feel like your options for buying a car online are limited if you have bad credit? Not necessarily. we look at how you can still buy a car online with bad credit.

How can I buy a car online with bad credit?

People may think they cannot buy a car online if they have bad credit, but it is possible, if you have a good credit score it is true that many more options and better rates will be available to you, but options are still out there for those with poor credit.

What about if you have really bad credit?

You may still be able to buy a car online with bad credit, even if it is really bad, it will just mean your options may be even more limited, but there are loans out there specifically catered for people with really bad credit scores.

Blue car with a gold coin in front of it

What types of car loans are available?

Car finance usually covers three different types of finance, Personal contract purchase (PCP) Hire purchase (HP) and personal loans.

Who do I speak to arrange car finance?

If you want to buy a car online with bad credit, you can speak to a salesperson online on a chat or over the phone if you would prefer. They will be well equipped to answer any questions you may have.

What is the recommended credit score to buy a car?

The recommended score is 660 and above but do not worry if yours is lower as 660 above usually guarantees a certain interest rate for example under 6%, so even if your credit score is below the recommended you may still be able to get car finance.

What is a FICO score?

A fico score is something a dealership may use to qualify and evaluate an individual’s credit worth. It is the same as a credit score but just uses a different numerical scale. In both cases the higher your credit score, indicates a lower credit risk.


Car finance Cradley Heath

Are you thinking of getting car finance?

One of the first things to think about when looking at car finance is to set yourself a budget of what you can afford, and do not go over that budget. When going through a finance company allows you to buy a vehicle that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Find a car finance company that you can trust, one that is local to you, so you can pop in and see them should you need to. So search for car finance Cradley Heath? And see which car dealerships come up in your local area.

Car finance in my local area

When you have searched for car finance Cradley Heath, choose the garage that you think is right for you and your budget. Speak to the salesperson there and try and get them to offer you the best deal available.

What if I have bad credit?

Even if you have bad credit, you may still be able to get car finance but you may be charged a higher rate. Speak to your car finance Cradley Heath specialist and they will be able to advise you.

When committing to a car finance agreement you must keep up the repayments otherwise you could risk losing your car.

When you speak to the salesperson, they will check your credit report, ask you to fill in some forms, and get you pre-approved for a loan.

Money in a jar on its side

Volkswagen Service

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about a Volkswagen service including what’s included, the different types of services and a lot more.

Types of Volkswagen service

There are typically two types of Volkswagen services available on the market. These include a minor and major service.

The type of service that your car requires depends on how often you drive your car, the types of driving you do and how many miles your car does on average a year.

A minor service is recommended for cars that mainly drive for short periods of time, in the city and do less than 10,000 miles per year. Whereas a major service is recommended for cars that often do long-distance driving and drive more than 10,000 miles per year.

Man Driving VW

What’s included in a VW service?

The type of service you have will be dependant upon what’s included, however, usually included in both minor and major services includes the following:

  • Both an oil and filter change.
  • Full vehicle safety test – this will be test drove on the roads.
  • A full diagnostic check of the car which will include a report of findings.
  • An inspection of the vehicle which includes the following: external lights, dash lights, instruments, damage to bodywork, window screen and windows, locking system, battery, fluid levels such as coolant, braking system and steering system.
  • The service interval display will be re-set to the correct period when the vehicle next needs a service.

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