S5 Trackers

S5 trackers have become much more popular over recent years, due to the significant increase in car theft year on year.

Relay Method to Steal Vehicles

Thieves can steal cars by using the relay method on keyless entry vehicles. The relay attack involves the cloning of the car key and then replicating the signal to open the vehicle.

By investing in an S5 vehicle tracker you will be able to get unauthorised movement alerts and see the pinpoint location of where the car is at all times.

What are Thatcham S5 Trackers?

Thatcham S5 Trackers are the new classification for vehicle trackers that were previously known as category 5.

What does Thatcham Approved Mean?

Thatcham is the leading authority in aftermarket vehicle security products. They test and subsequently approve and grade products on the market to give consumers and brands the security that their devices are fit-for-purpose and give a reliable, safe solution.

Why Should You Invest in an S5 Tracker?

It is becoming much more common for insurers to require your vehicle to have an S5 tracker installed. This is especially true for higher-value vehicles that are more desirable to be stolen. As well as helping you validate your insurance policy, in some cases, it can even offer you a discount on the annual premium. This is due to you being seen as a more responsible vehicle owner, and of course, lowers the risk of yours being stolen when you have an S5 tracker installed.